About Sonics VPN

Sonics VPN is a leading technology provider with a stellar reputation for encrypting users' internet traffic. Launched in 2022 in Ohio, United States, SonicsVPN is a rising star in the market, we are being supported by an increasing number of users all over the world. Our R&D team has years of experience in the VPN industry and is committed to providing the best VPN products that are fully functional, secure and trustworthy to Internet users around the world.

Now we support platforms: Windows, iOS, Android. In the future we will support more platforms including macOS, chrome extension, etc.

5000+ VPN Servers

More than 5000 high speed VPN servers across 40+ regions are established for our users to match their needs.

Military-grade Encryption

Multiple advanced VPN protocols & military-grade encryption technology guarantee all-around online security & privacy.

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We value our users' opinions and are constantly working to improve our VPN service. If you have any problems with order purchasing or app usage, please contact us at: