Best Free VPN for Netflix 2023 to Watch El Rey: Vicente Fernandez [VPN 2023]

How to watch El Rey: Vicente Fernandez in Netflix wherever you are? This article will present you the best free VPN for Netflix and tell you how to use a VPN on Netflix.

Updated at2023/02/08Alishia Simons

Best Free VPN for Netflix 2022 to Watch El Rey: Vicente Fernandez [VPN 2022]

Why I can’t access Netflix for El Rey! Netflix recently introduced a Colombian TV series El Rey: Vicente Fernandez, which tells the story of how Mexican music star Vicente Fernandez grew up as a superstar, filled with a variety of stories throughout his decades. The show was so popular with local platforms in Latin America that Netflix bought the rights to it. When and how to watch El Rey: Vicente Fernandez on Netflix?

how to watch El Rey: Vicente Fernandez

As we all know, due to broadcast rights issues in some areas, Netflix prohibits IP addresses in these regions from accessing the website. So even if you're willing to pay for a show you like, you may not be able to succeed because you're banned from accessing the site. In response to this problem, we recommend using a VPN for Netflix. But what is the best free VPN that really works with Netflix for El Rey: Vicente Fernandez? Read on, and I will tell how to use VPN for Netflix on your device.

Why we need a free VPN to watch El Rey in Netflix?

Netflix, one of the world's largest streaming platforms, is popular among users for its rich collection of movies, series and programs. Recently, Netflix bought the copyright of El Rey: Vicente Fernandez, a popular series in Latin America, but some users find that they can't access Netflix in their countries.

Why can't I access Netflix in my country? Streaming platforms in other regions need to obtain the right of broadcast, and some regions also prohibit the introduction of certain streaming platforms for certain political reasons. Netflix does not have the rights to broadcast in these regions, so Netflix also prohibits users in these countries or regions from accessing the website.

Why need to use a VPN that really works with Netflix?

First of all, as mentioned above, you can't access Netflix if you are in those countries for copyright reasons and political reasons, also, some public places like schools and companies, where internet service providers may also block access to Netflix in their network settings in order to improve learning and productivity. The best way to unblock Netflix is to hide or change your IP address, but we are not computer experts and it is also too difficult to change the IP directly on our devices. So, we recommend using a VPN for Netflix, which can help you hide your real IP address and give you a virtual IP address where you can access Netflix.

netflix vpn

Besides, even if you can access Netflix in your region, as a US streamer, Netflix offers a richer source of programs for US users, so if you want to watch some programs that can only be watched on Netflix USA, you can also use a VPN service.

However, although many VPN products claim to be able to access Netflix, most of them are identified and blocked by Netflix because Netflix has designed a VPN blocking system specifically for VPN features, and many VPNs are easily blocked by Netflix due to server quality or functionality issues. When you are using and connecting to a certain VPN for Netflix, but you still get a prompt “Access is prohibited in your region”. So, it is very difficult to find a free VPN that really works with Netflix. For this, I recommend Sonics VPN - the best free VPN that really works with Netflix. Sonics VPN has a dedicated server for Netflix to meet users' needs, so you can access Netflix to watch El Rey: Vicente Fernandez anytime and anywhere without any regional restrictions. Next, we will introduce some features of Sonics Netflix VPN in detail.

The best free VPN for Netflix that really works-Sonics VPN

What is free VPN for Netflix that really works? As mentioned above, because Netflix blocks VPN, although many VPNs claim to be able to connect to VPN, it does not work. Sonics VPN is the best VPN for Netflix that really works. With it, you can access Netflix at will to watch the latest El Rey: Vicente Fernandez and various other TV programs, whether you cannot access Netflix because you are in school or in the company or because your region does not have Netflix copyright for the time being. Sonics VPN also provides users with a dedicated server for Netflix. You can access Netflix at any time without fear of being intercepted just by taping button. In addition, Sonics VPN has a variety of functions to enable you to have the best surfing experience.

Sonics VPN - Fast & Unlimited

Access to the Internet

  • Breakthrough the speed limit on network connection
  • Private and safe online surfing
  • Global streaming, gaming, downloading, social networks services

Some features of Sonics VPN

Dedicated Server for Netflix

Sonics VPN has more than 5000 servers covering more than 40 countries around the world, especially the United States, where Netflix is headquartered. In addition, in order to accurately meet the needs of users, Sonics also provides many dedicated servers for mainstream websites and applications, such as Netflix

Bypass regional restrictions

The numerous global servers of Sonics VPN enable you to access all your favorite websites. Whether you are not in your country due to business trips or unable to access some websites due to the restrictions of Internet service providers, Sonics VPN can help you hide IP address and automatically select the fastest server. Just click the Connect button, you can unblock the regional restrictions and get online safely and quickly. This Best free VPN with dedicated high-speed servers for streaming, allowing you to stream geo-restricted content on Netflix, Hulu and others.

No lag

The most common problem when using cross region network tools is network latency. With advanced network protocols, Sonics VPN is the best free VPN for Netflix. It not only provides you with a fast dedicated server for Netflix, but also allows you to enjoy 4K streaming. Using Sonics VPN to connect to servers in the United States, you can enjoy the same speed as local people. You can not only watch series on Netflix, but also play games at a super high speed without worrying about any delay or lag affecting the game experience.

Protection of safety online

Do you think you're safe using private browsing mode? No, either your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the websites you visit can easily view your browsing history, and may even hack your device through phishing and viruses. Sonics VPN is an expert in information protection, providing you with professional network protection. Sonics automatically encrypts users' internet access and browsing history, and can help you block ads according to your needs. The military-grade encryption provided by Sonics keeps your personal information from being stolen by any hackers and third-party websites.

how to use free Sonics Netflix VPN to watch El Rey

El Rey: Vicente Fernandez is releasing on Netflix. How can we use Sonics VPN for Netflix to see it? Don't worry, Sonics VPN is simple and fast, you can watch El Rey in Netflix freely without any restrictions in just a few simple steps, and even enjoy the tariff benefits that only US users can have. Here are the steps.

  1. Download Sonics VPN for free on your device (supports Windows, iOS, Android)

  2. Open the software, if you just want to connect to the VPN, just tap the button in the center of the interface. You'll be able to surf online safely and quickly.

streaming VPN

  1. If you want to use Sonics VPN's dedicated server for Netflix, then you need to register first, and then purchase Sonics VPN's VIP service, Sonics provides users with an ultra-high cost performance service, with a minimum of $2.91/month. More than 5000 servers are available for you to choose from, and many additional functions enable you to have the best Internet experience.


El Rey is streaming on Netflix, and with just one VPN tool, you can access Netflix at will without being banned due to your IP address. So, what VPN really work for Netflix? Sonics VPN is the best VPN for Netflix, let you experience the same speed and tariff package as a local, Sonics VPN also protects you from viruses and hackers, and does not have browsing history and personal information leakage targeted by websites to advertise or steal personal property. Download now and give it a try, don't hesitate, it would be a good choice.

Download Sonics VPN to unblock global entertainments and enjoy fast, safe & private online surfing the Internet.