How to Change The IP Address? - Tutorial Roundups

Looking for a way to changing IP address of your phone or PC? We’ve rounded up all possible IP changing solutions for you - the easiest VPN way as well as the normal manual setup way.

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IP address, short for Internet Protocol address, is composed of a string of hexadecimal characters strictly following the rules of the Internet Protocol. It’s a unique virtual network address allocated to a specific computer or device, and used as its identity for networking communications.

If you want to avoid geo-based networking restrictions or solve IP conflicts or troubleshoot network connection issues, changing the IP address of your computer and device is a solution.

The rest of the article will introduce you different approaches to changing an IP address of a device.

Part 1 - Use a VPN to Change Your IP Address [The Easiest Solution]

Whether you have a device with the platform of Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android or others that needs to change its IP address, VPN is the easiest solution to deal with the puzzle of changing an IP address.

Just install a VPN and connect with another routing position, and you are done with the trouble. Using a VPN to reset your IP address, you will enjoy many a benefit and convenience:

Firstly, you will have up to thousands of virtual IP addresses as well as tens of countries to choose from.

Secondly, you can reach geo-restricted webs and services. For example, you can bypass Netflix bans and watch Netflix shows with another country IP address. You will be able to watch TikTok streaming contents that are only available for a specific region. You will be entitled to use Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other banning services in Russia. Or, make easy Internet phone calls from the United Arab Emirates.

Thirdly, VPN requires no complex navigation or tutorial. It’s 3 steps to change your IP address: Install, log in and connect.

Fourthly, a VPN usually supports multiple devices and platforms. That’s way easy-to-use when you need to change the IP addresses of a dozen of devices.

Fifthly, a VPN will keep your online browsing & activities private as well as protect your computer from being hacked.

How to Use Sonics VPN to Change an IP Address?

Step 1. Go to Sonics VPN official website - - to get the very installer for each of your devices. Ensure you’ve downloaded the right ones according to their operation systems.

Step 2. Install the application and launch Sonics VPN.

Step 3. Register a new account, and click “Connect” button.

Step 4. Switch to a speedy IP address you need. It’s OK to choose another IP address on the selective list whenever you want to give it a try. sonics vpn works with netflix

Do note that, Sonics VPN supports the platforms of Windows, iOS and Android. You can use 5000+ ultra fast VPN servers , 40+ virtual country locations and 10000+ IP addresses. Sonics VPN sets no limits on the number of your devices - it’s the deal with one payment for all devices and its pricing is way cost-effective.

Part 2- How to Change an IP Address Manually, without a VPN?

Besides via VPN approach to changing an IP address, users can set a proxy to change their IP manually. Think of a proxy as the media between the outside Internet and your device. When you use a proxy, the outside Internet can only read the IP address of your chosen proxy instead of your real IP address.

By entering a specified IP address into the device IP setting, you can reset the IP address manually. Below, we’ve rounded up different navigations for the major platforms to set up a manual networking IP address:

How to Manually Change IP Address on Windows 10?

Step 1. Start Windows computer with the administrator account.

Step 2. Go click start Win and choose the control panel.

Step 3. Find network connection and scroll down the interface to find IP settings and hit edit.

Step 4. Go manual, and enter the new IP address.

Or, you can try commands to reset your Windows IP:

Step 1. Start Windows computer with the administrator account.

Step 2. Keystroke Win-key plus “R” and enter “cmd”.

Step 3. Input ipconfig /release.

Step 4. Enter ipconfig /renew.

How to Manually Change IP Address on Mac?

Step 1. Launch Apple menu and go to system preferences.

Step 2. Choose Network.

Step 3. Find and press configure IPv4.

Step 4. Hit manually and then enter a new IP address.

How to Manually Change IP Address on iOS?

Step 1. Find and tap settings on iOS.

Step 2. Go Wi-Fi and pick network.

Step 3. Tap IPv4 address and then configure IP.

Step 4. Enter your new IP address.

You should know that proxy way to changing IP encrypts nothing, but only performs as a message bridge - that means, hackers can easily read your data and know your online activities via the data tunneling through the proxy.

Another Way to Changing IP Address - Reboot & Restart

You might get an automatically allocated IP address by restart your devices. Often, this method works for your home WiFi routers as well as computers in a local network. Since the system will automatically allocate random IP addresses to its connected devices, a reboot or a restart will force the program to generate a new IP address.

Part 3 - Finally

Is it necessary to change your IP address? Well, it depends on your actual requirements. If you want to improve your online privacy or visit the Internet contents of another country that bans your ISP, then you have to pick a VPN service to change your IP address.

While if you don’t have too much need for things like that, there is no need to change your IP address. A no-brainer IP changing might get you out of the Internet connection when you set a wrong IP address manually. Of course, this won’t happen when you try with a VPN.

To sum it up, changing the IP address is necessary at times, and we’ve listed a bunch of ways to make it. We hope you’ve already found a comfortable way to changing your IP address in the end!

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