How to Get a German IP Address?

Check the possible ways to get a German IP address and bypass Internet geo restriction. It’s easy to use a VPN to change among German IP addresses safely.

Updated at2022/11/28Constance Barry

how to get a German IP address

When you go to an area outside German or reside a country that is not Germany, you are probably blocked from a dozen of popular websites, services or streaming contents only for Germany, these include but are not limited to German Netflix, ARD, Prosieben Video, ZDF and others. To access these contents still, you will need a German IP address to bypass geographical networking bans and restrictions.

Part 1 - How Can a VPN Unblock German-restricted Contents?

An effective VPN service will offer you a series of virtual German IP addresses as options to perform as your new IP addresses, and that makes it not easy to find out your real IP address by virtue of current networking technology. As a result, you can successfully check German Netflix or run other Internet errands available for users located in Germany only.

As of now, a large number of applications and service providers have set no rules or terms about IP changing. So, just scroll down the VPN list of IP positions to a German IP, then you can be a free man to access, watch and use German contents effortlessly.

Part 2 - How to Change an IP Address to Germany? - Step-by-Step Tutorial

There are various approaches to get a German IP, from the most convenient ways to the trickiest ways. Among them, using a VPN to route your IP address to a German one is the easiest. So in the second part, we will illustrate how to use Sonics VPN to change your IP address to a German one.

Step One. Download the correct installer of Sonics VPN regarding your device. Sonics VPN offers a Windows installer, iOS installer as well as Android installer as your options. You can either get them from Sonics VPN official website, or go straight to Google Play and Apple Store to fetch the app.

Step Two. Install the application and launch it.

Step Three. Register a new account of Sonics VPN and log yourself in.

Step Four. Choose “Connect” and switch the VPN tunnel to a German one.

After following the steps above, you will find yourself have no difficulty in visiting German Netflix contents or using German bank services online.

Likewise, if you grab another VPN service to obtain a new German IP, the steps will be roughly the same.

Part 3 - What VPN Services Are The Best to Get a German IP?

No.1. Sonics VPN Service

Sonics VPN is an ultra-fast and well-performed VPN service with a group of German servers available. It’s easy to hide your real IP address and get a new IP. It provides solid data protection and keep you anonymous online when you use it to connect to a German server. With one-tap connection, you can effortlessly watch Netflix German streaming, access to Prosieben Video and more.

how to get a German IP address

Sonics VPN is a no log VPN service with virtually 5000+ servers across 40+ countries. It’s secure and supports dozens of advanced VPN setups. This all-in-1 VPN service is handy to get a German IP address.

No.2. ExpressVPN Service

ExpressVPN is an easy VPN service that will help you bypass German geo restriction. You can find 4 German servers - 3 for Frankfurt and 1 for Nuremberg. Other than that, ExpressVPN promises its paid users with 3000+ global servers across 94 countries as the tunneling options.

how to get a German IP address

ExpressVPN is also a secure VPN service with AES and OpenVPN encryption. It obeys no-log policy and blocks any kinds of tracking online. Basically, you have nothing to worry about when using ExpressVPN to route to Germany and watch geo-restricted contents from any places around the world.

No.3. Astrill VPN Service

With Astrill, you can easily search and pick a virtual IP address from 6 German VPN tunnels - Frankfurt SH1, Frankfurt, Frankfurt CG1, Cologne, Hanau and Dusselddorf. Besides its servers hosted in Germany, you will also find it useful to route to 107 cities across 55 countries in total.

how to get a German IP address

Astrill is an advanced safe VPN service with a dozen of personalized and professional setups. You can block ads, select browsers or filter websites via easy manual settings. It has three connection modes to choose from, they are OpenWeb, StealthVPN and Wireguard.

Part 4 - Another Method to Change to a German IP Address

In contents above, we have listed the easiest and the most common way to change your IP to Germany. And we have assumed that you have fewer programming knowledge and skills and only need a user-friendly solution.

But here comes a more complex proxy to install German IP addresses. For geeky guys or technology enthusiasts, you may hear it before - using Shadowsocks proxy setup.

For your information, Shadowsocks uses the SOCKS5 proxy for routing and disguising online traffic. People need to install its components as well as purchase a server to use it. About how to set up Shadowsocks, you can find full programming details on this page.

Part 5 - Should You Use a Free VPN or a Paid VPN?

Let’s go straight: We don’t recommend free VPN to change an IP address to Germany. The main reasons are listed below:

Firstly, free VPN service offers 2 or 3 tunnels from very few countries, and that may not include any Germany IP address. It’s of no use for what we discuss today.

Secondly, the majority of paid VPN services are inexpensive. In most cases, you can find 3-6 stable and speedy servers for Germany with a paid VPN service.

Thirdly, free VPN service may leak your privacy & personal data to gain profits. While, a paid VPN service strengthens your privacy protection and makes it harder to hack your computer.

Part 6 - Lastly

Changing your IP address to a German IP lets you access German geo-restricted contents and services. You can easily get all these benefits by choosing a VPN with available German routing.

Download Sonics VPN to unblock global entertainments and enjoy fast, safe & private online surfing the Internet.