How to Get a USA IP Address?

Need a USA IP address to bypass geo-restriction? This how-to article covers benefits of getting a USA IP and VPN solutions to route to USA servers.

Updated at2022/11/28Constance Barry

how to get a usa ip address

How to a USA IP to reach restricted Internet contents? Our answer is to use a VPN and route to the USA IP address. Read the article to know full things regarding this.

IP address is a digital footprint that tells the open Internet about where you are from and empowers you to access the web contents & services available in your IP location. Websites and streaming service providers have installed geographical restrictions in order to guarantee content copyrights, provide legal contents & services, as well as block unauthorized users.

Therefore, if you travel to a country outside the USA or just reside at another country, you are unlikely to watch American Netflix streaming, Amazon Prime videos or other American shows from TVs to movies without changing your IP address. To lift those bans or restrictions on you not being on a USA territory, you can consider adopting a VPN service to changing the IP address to the USA with only a few clicks.

Part 1 - What Benefits Will You Get with a USA IP Address?

A USA IP address empowers you with some privileges of using the Internet based in the USA, such as, you can watch Netflix contents for the USA, you can access American-based streaming services, you can log in to your USA bank account and manage it with no headaches, just to name a few. The major benefits of adopting a USA IP address fall into 3 sides mainly:

  • With a USA IP address, you can won’t get censorship from certain websites, platforms, forums or services.

If you try to enter some terms in Wiki, it’s easier to get approved with a USA IP address. It’s the same with Facebook. When you register a new Facebook account with a USA IP, you get approved immediately. Also, a USA IP address lets you register to some forums more easily, like reddit, Quora, etc.

  • USA Banks usually require you to have a USA IP address to use the critical functions of their online services.

Without an American IP address, you can be locked out of USA bank accounts and cannot manage it overseas. A USA IP address is a must-have for USA-based bank transactions.

  • You can get a myriad of entertainment services for free with a USA IP address.

Some applications and websites offer specific entertainment services and contents for free in a USA IP address. Usually, these free entertainment services or contents require a payment from people in another country. For instance, Spotify offers free music albums & streaming services for USA users, while these entertainment contents charge a great deal in other countries. Netflix goes the same. You can watch thousands of entertaining TV shows and movies free for USA users only by changing your IP address to the USA.

Part 2 - Best 3 VPN Services That’ll Get You USA IP Addresses Fast

Whenever and wherever you need a USA IP address, a VPN service will be your shortcut to solve the puzzle quickly. In this part, we’ve introduced 3 best VPN services that stand out with the fastest speed and the most stable performance.

No.1 Sonics VPN

Sonics VPN is the most cost-effective VPN service that you can get many a benefit with the minimal cost. It’s a fast and secure VPN that will get you an American IP from hundreds of fast-speed USA servers optimized for USA streaming, social networking, gaming or P2P downloading. You will have no trouble in accessing American Netflix, Amazon Prime, bank accounts or other amusement contents. With a connection to Sonics VPN, you are ensured with anonymity, ad blocking and no log online activities.

how to get a usa ip address

Sonic VPN is a multi-platform VPN that you can use it on Windows computers, iOS devices as well as Android mobiles. It sets no limits on traffic, bandwidth and the number of devices.

No.2 Astrill VPN

Astrill is another renowned VPN brand with a relatively high pricing on its VPN service. It encrypts your virtual networking with up to hundreds of USA servers. You can easily get a USA IP address as well as hide your real IP address by using its multi-hop connections. Also, you are provided with its advanced VPN functions like kill switch, ad block, openVPN and web filter and other personalized setups.

how to change ip address to usa

Like many VPN service providers, Astrill lets you use its VPN service on 5 devices simultaneously, at most. FYI, it supports the platforms of Windows , macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and a certain type of routers.

No.3 ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is another resourceful VPN service that can help you route to USA IP addresses in a stable and secure connection. You can choose from hundreds of USA IP addresses with only one click. Other than USA IP addresses, ExpressVPN has a group of servers with available IP addresses from 93 countries.


ExpressVPN supports the platforms of Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, console, smart TV and router. With ExpressVPN, you are entitled to connect to 5 devices at the same time.

Part 3 - Pros & Cons of Using a VPN to Get a USA IP Address

Pros of Using a VPN to Get a USA IP Address

  • It’s Safer to Use a VPN to Get a USA IP Address.

VPN service connections are securer. VPN will encrypt the online traffic and protect your data. Downloading via VPN is anonymous and safer.

  • You have a number of USA IP addresses to choose from.

In most case, VPN services offer tens of or hundreds of USA routing servers for users to choose from. Using a VPN, you can instantly switch to another USA IP address with a single mouse click.

Cons of Using a VPN to Get a USA IP Address

  • Cons of Using a VPN to Get a USA IP Address

For most cases, this kind of issues can be solved immediately by switching the route to another USA IP address on VPN provided list.

Part 4 - Summary

Getting a USA IP address will ensure you enjoy all Internet services available for American areas. VPN is the easiest solution to route to USA IP addresses securely and unblock USA services & entertaining contents at your fingertip.

Download Sonics VPN to unblock global entertainments and enjoy fast, safe & private online surfing the Internet.