5 Best Netflix VPN to Unblock Ban & Watch Any Movies & TV Shows

Netflix bans VPN users, but several VPN services perform excellent. This review gathers the best VPN services for Netflix that’ll help you reach those geo-restricted streaming, movies and TV series without troubles.

Updated at2022/12/15Arya Munoz

5 Best Netflix VPN to Unblock Ban & Watch Any Movies & TV Shows

When a Netflix user doesn’t use a VPN, he will miss out a large number of Netflix contents. However if you choose a VPN randomly, you may still fail to watch a Netflix movie or TV show restricted to a certain location. It might be that your VPN has used a virtual private network in a location that Netflix blocks or the VPN claims it supports:

One case is, when you log a VPN with a connection to Canada, you are actually logged to the USA. And when you watch a movie or TV show only available for Canadian places, you are in fact with a virtual private network of the USA. Therefore, you are not able to watch Netflix Canada-restricted movies or TV shows via current VPN connection.

Also, Netflix does block several honest VPN services, these private virtual networking will not help route you to the places with Netflix contents successfully.

The solution for you is quite simple: Change your VPN and choose a VPN that’s honest and accessible. When deciding which VPN to pick for Netflix, we value four factors most - VPN security, speed, privacy & the number of countries connected available. Below, we have provided the best VPN for Netflix for your reference.

Part 1 - 5 Best Netflix VPNs (Free & Subscribed Services)

No.1. ExpressVPN ($12.95/mo)

ExpressVPN is one of the most welcome Netflix VPN services with 3,000+ servers and 160 locations across 94 countries. With only one click, you can connect to countries of USA, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Spain and many more at a fast speed, and accordingly, watch Netflix contents available for these places. Using ExpressVPN, you can connect to 5 devices simultaneously and choose to use it on your computer, tablet, phone or router. It uses the popular OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols.

expressvpn - netflix bans vpn

ExpressVPN is a subscribed VPN service and you can get it at the pricing of $12.95 for a month. It’s a secure, fast and multi-device Netflix VPN.

No.2. Sonics VPN Service (9.99$/mo)

Sonics VPN is the very few Netflix VPN service that’s worth every penny you pay for it. It has 5000+ ultra fast VPN servers across 40+ countries, as well as 10000+ IP addresses around the world. It allows you to bypass Netflix geo-restricted TV shows, movies, streaming and gaming with a single tap. Sonics VPN service will keep your activities secure & anonymous online. You can watch Netflix videos on unlimited devices with it.

sonics vpn works with netflix

Once you subscribe it, your wife and kids can use your account to watch Netflix at home with no limits. For its 2-year subscription plan, the pricing will reach at $2.91 per month.

No.3. Surfshark VPN ($12.95/mo)

Surfshark VPN is another virtual private network service that will help you easily reach foreign Netflix libraries from 3,200+ servers across 65 countries. It’s secure, fast, ad-free and no-tracking. It has an intuitive interface and is a basic VPN application with reasonable pricing. When you watch Netflix stream with a Surfshark VPN connection, your Internet speed will remain the same.

surfshark vpn - what vpn works with netflix

Compared with many competitors, it enables you to log in with unlimited devices as its highlight feature.

No.4. hide.me VPN (Free & Upgrade Plan)

Hide.me is a no-log Netflix VPN application with 2,000+ servers and 75+ locations. Hide.me adopts AES-256 encrypted connection algorithm and keeps your online activities anonymous & untraceable. To ensure your activities on Netflix is secure, you can switch to “Kill Switch” mode, which will keep you offline when VPN drops.

hideme vpn for netflix

If you are under a free plan with hide.me, you can only connect with 1 device. However, if you are in hide.me paid subscription, your connection devices will be extended to 10, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV and more.

No.5. PrivadoVPN (Free & Paid)

When you need a desktop VPN to watch Netflix geo-restricted shows in a fantastic speed, PrivadoVPN is an excellent free option. It’s also a no-log VPN that’s secure, fast and stable. It will provide you with IP masking, point to point encrypted protection as well as 12 servers around the world. Also be aware that mobile version PrivadoVPN is little bit unsatisfying than its Windows version - It will load Netflix streaming & videos slower for about 1 minute long during our test.

privadovpn for netflix

Compared with other Netflix VPNs, PrivadoVPN wins at its pricing - free. But the number of the unlocked locations is much smaller that the other 4 VPN provided. Other than that, its function is very limited. If you choose to upgrade to its subscription, it may not be a good deal to have the very few VPN countries as options.

Part 2 - Does Netflix Block Astrill VPN or NordVPN?

That depends on specific servers and countries you choose.

Netflix has blocked some servers and countries of Astrill and NordVPN. As of most USA servers of Astrill and NordVPN, Netflix still works for streaming, TV shows and movies. While for servers outside USA, you are likely to see Netflix contents get banned.

Therefore, if you still consider using Astrill or NordVPN for Netflix, you need to think about the areas and their limited supports for Netflix.

Part 3 - Words at Last

Hope you find what you need from this review of the best Netflix VPN services. These VPNs are trust-worthy and of high quality. You can choose any of them with no worries.

It’s obvious that our selected Netflix VPN software have this and that limitations as well as pros & cons, and their pricing varies. Among the Netflix VPN services mentioned above, 2-year subscription of Sonics VPN comes out on our top pick: 40 countries for Netflix is enough to use, and its pricing is the most cost-effective. It’s secure, private and ultra fast. 7-day trial for the 2-year subscription ensures you get enough time to decide to continue using it or not. Just give it a try.

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