What is Private IP Address and How to Check and Change It

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what is private ip address

You may have heard about the IP address if you often use the Internet. The IP address is vital in the network field. It refers to the Internet Protocol address, which is the number of the device connected to the Internet. Each network and host will have a logical address, which is used to prevent communication errors on the network when exchanging data. This post will elaborate on what is a private IP address and how to check and change it on your device. Scan it if you are interested.

what is private ip address

What is a Private IP Address

IP addresses are how devices and websites communicate with each other. IP addresses can be divided into public IP addresses and private IP addresses. The main difference between them is the distance they reach and the objects they connect to. The user's geographic location and other information can be identified through the public IP address. Using a private IP address is relatively more secure to connect to other devices. Private IP addresses are used to communicate with other devices in your home or office within your private network. In comparison, the private IP address is more effective in protecting personal privacy.

How to Check My Private IP Address

The IP address is a string of numbers that reflects the real position of your device or network. You can directly check it on your computer. Click the network icon on the bottom right toolbar on the dashboard. Select the network you are just connecting to. View Properties to check the IP address.

Another way to check the IP address on your computer is to run the cmd. Click the search icon on the toolbar. Type in cmd and then type 'ipconfig' and press enter. In this way, you can see the IP address of your network.

How to Change the IP Address

Some websites may have geographical restrictions for visitors from other countries. In contrast, some countries will regulate the network by blocking websites abroad. The ISP (short for Internet Service Provider) will recognize your location by the IP address. And then restrict you to visit specific websites. To bypass this kind of geo-restriction, you can change your IP address to an allowed one. Several ways can help you change your IP address to others. The easiest way is to use a VPN service. VPN means Virtual Private Network. It is usually a handy desktop tool that can hide your real IP address and surf online with a virtual server and IP address from other countries and areas.

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Best VPN to Change IP Address

There are dozens of VPN tools in the market. For beginners, selecting an indeed efficient and cost-effective VPN service is challenging. You have to compare the price, connection speed, provided servers, software security, etc.

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