Best VPN that Works with Netflix - Enjoy Unlimited Contents from all Over the World

Many Netflix movies and shows are unavailable for you due to geographical restriction, so a VPN to watch Netflix is needed. In this article you’re going to learn about the best VPN that works with Netflix and watch all contents from anywhere in the world.

Updated at2022/11/16Hadiqa Holt

VPN that works with netflix

Want to watch an anime or a movie on Netflix but find that you can't due to geographical restrictions? This is a real bummer. The best solution is to use a VPN that works with Netflix to change your online IP address so that Netflix “thinks” you are in a different location.

However, there’s a great chance that Netflix bans VPN, so you need to be really careful to choose a VPN that works with Netflix safely Keep reading to find out the best VPN for Netflix!

VPN for Netflix - Unblock Netflix’s Geo Restriction

When I turn on Netflix in the US to watch a few of my favorite Japanese anime or Korean series like Squid Games, I find that because I'm located in the US, I can't watch certain shows and movies due to geographic restriction like those who are in Korea or Japan.

Does this happen to you often? Is it frustrating? So what is geographic restriction and why does Netflix geo-block certain content?

Geo-blocking exists because of licensing agreements and Internet censorship. Streamers like Netflix, HBO, Hulu and many others have this restriction. It's annoying, but there really doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it except actually go to another country and change the location.

Luckily, there is now a way to make Netflix "think" you're in Korea without actually having to fly to Korea to change your geographic location, which is to use a VPN that works with Netflix to change your network IP location. And don’t panic, this is completely legal and safe.

How to Avoid Netflix Banned VPN and Find a VPN that Works with Netflix?

However, it is not so easy to escape Netflix's detection to change your IP address. Netflix has known about these methods for a long time, so it also has its own detection system to deal with this issue.

If you choose a VPN to watch Netflix that doesn't work so well, there's a good chance that Netflix will find your unusual behavior and block your IP address.

So how do you find a good VPN that works with Netflix? Here we provide you with the following easy and quick ways.

  1. Check the user reviews of the VPN. Many VPNs exaggerate their features and benefits when they advertise themselves, but the user reviews of it are certainly true. Through the user reviews, you will know if this is a Netflix VPN not working.

  2. You can just Google it. This method seems simple, but it is unexpectedly effective. Just type in the keywords and then click search, and a lot of reviews and recommended articles of VPN to watch Netflix will appear. Read a few more articles and you will find that there are always a few VPNs that come up in many articles, then they must be a good choice for you.

  3. Save your time and read the next part which directly recommends the best VPN for Netflix for you. Let’s dive in now!

The Best VPN that Works with Netflix - Sonics VPN

Sonics VPN is a secure, fast and free VPN. it works on Android/iOS/Windows systems. It has over 5000 high-speed VPN servers in over 40 countries and regions around the world, so that you can watch any TV show or movie you want without any geo-restrictions.

Sonics VPN - Fast & Unlimited

Access to the Internet

  • Breakthrough the speed limit on network connection
  • Private and safe online surfing
  • Global streaming, gaming, downloading, social networks services

Moreover, it is optimized for various different types of usage such as streaming video/social/gaming/P2P, so you can enjoy super fast and stable online connections. Connecting to Sonics VPN’s server will help you get a new DNS and IP address and encrypt your traffic. In this way, not only does it change your online location, but it also protects your privacy.

And don’t worry, Sonics VPN is not a Netflix banned VPN with its mature technology. Sonics VPN has more than 10000 IP addresses from 40+ locations worldwide for you to choose and helps switch and hide your real IP address. You can bypass geo-restrictions and stream global entertainment content with this best VPN for Netflix, and enjoy unblocked access to your favorite websites, movies, TV shows, music, games, and etc.

What’s more, Sonics VPN can help you much more than just watching Netflix. With this best VPN for Netflix, you also have encrypted and protected connections, a safe way to hide your online identity and prevent your online privacy data from being collected by websites and advertisers, and it can help you avoid annoying pop-up ads, etc.

Besides all these powerful features, you can enjoy a 7-day free trial! If you have any dissatisfaction during the use, there is also a 30-day no-questions-asked refund service. What are you waiting for? Download this best VPN that works with Netflix now and enjoy unlimited and safe streaming!

Bonus: How to Check If a VPN for Netflix is Active

Now you know how to use vpn on Netflix, then how can you check if the VPN is working? Usually, once you select a server address and click the "Connect" button on the VPN, your VPN is already up and running. But how do you verify it? Here we offer you 2 very easy methods.

No.1: All you need to do is type "IP check" into your browser, select a website that offers a tool to check your IP address like whatismyipaddress, and see if your current network IP address has been changed to the one you selected on your VPN. Once you have detected that your IP address has changed, open Netflix again and you will see much different content.

vpn that works with netflix

No.2: This is an official Netflix recommendation method to check if a VPN for Netflix is active. Use a web browser, go to to run a connection test. Then Wait for the test to finish, then click “Show More Info”. Next to Client, note the city and country listed. If the country shown doesn't match the country you're in, it might mean a VPN is active on your device or network.

netflix banned vpn


VPN for Netflix is a wonderful way to solve the problem of geo restriction, but not all VPN works for Netflix because Netflix bans VPNs that are not so good. Sonics VPN is a safe and powerful VPN that works for Netflix for real. Don’t hesitate to try it on and start your limit-free streaming with Sonics VPN now!

Download Sonics VPN to unblock global entertainments and enjoy fast, safe & private online surfing the Internet.