What Does a VPN Hide and How Can It Work

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What Does a VPN Hide and How Can It Work

We may often see the word VPN when we surf the Internet on a daily basis. It is possible that we have a general understanding of it as a tool for protecting privacy, but we may not know much about the specific principles. Also, we find that a good VPN seems to be hard to come by. Meanwhile, we don't know how to judge whether the VPN we are using is good or bad. This article will give you a detailed overview of what a VPN is, how it works, and what it hides. We will also recommend the best VPN service suitable for most newbies.

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What is a VPN

The full name of the VPN is Virtual Private Network. It is a service that is able to establish a secure connection between your device and the Internet. If you choose to connect to the Internet through a VPN, all your network activity and traffic data while surfing the Internet will be encrypted. When using the Internet, your device constantly generates web data that can be accessed by web servers, websites, and other third parties. You can deem a VPN as a secure tunnel. It can protect your online data from being viewed and stolen by others, allowing you to use the Internet freely.

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What Does a VPN Hide

Now, you probably have a general idea about VPNs, and then let’s turn to how VPNs work. Generally speaking, VPNs protect privacy by hiding your personal information, such as IP address, browsing history, download traces, network activity, etc. In this way, you can secretly and anonymously surf the internet.

A VPN Hide Your IP Address

VPN services give users many fake IP addresses to choose from to hide their actual location. This is one of the reasons why we can use a VPN to visit websites anonymously. The IP address we use when surfing the Internet will reveal our detailed address information, such as country, city, region, etc. If you visit the website directly, there is a good chance that the actual address will be exposed to the website, application, government department, etc. Using a VPN connection can effectively prevent your location from being snooped, tracked, and located. This is also one of the most significant benefits of connecting to a VPN.

A VPN Hides Your Search History

On the other hand, a VPN can hide your search history. It is not difficult to find that some software now locates our needs based on our search records. When we search directly with our browser, our search intent is wholly exposed to third-party software. Connecting through a VPN can help you hide your search history, which is impossible for anyone to decipher except yourself and the VPN service provider. And a good VPN service provider will have a very comprehensive privacy agreement.Guarantee that your privacy will not be leaked or sold to others.

A VPN Hides your Activity

Finally, a VPN hides your online activities, including uploading, downloading, watching videos, gaming activities, and more. A VPN encrypts and hides your entire online traffic. All your online activities will be hidden from others, including the account information you entered, personal passwords, vital chat records, etc. Maximumly protect individual privacy.

What Can VPN Do for You Else

In addition to personal privacy protection, there are also many benefits of a VPN service. Generally, it can be used to:

Avoid Geo-restriction

VPN service providers will provide you with servers from different countries, thereby hiding your real location. This can help you bypass some websites or apps that are geo-restricted. You can choose a server in a country or region they support to access or view their content. In this way, you can enjoy websites, apps, and platforms from all over the world.

Connect to Public Network Safely

Some public networks, such as schools, banks, cafes, restaurants, etc., have security risks. Anyone can connect to these networks for free, so some of your private network activity on them can easily be accessed by others. A VPN encrypts traffic data between your device and the public network. Make sure you use free public internet safely.

Enjoy Some Priority

Some shopping websites or platforms will set different discounts for different countries and regions. With a VPN you can access websites in different countries. Compare prices and get the best deal.

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Final Words

If you attach great importance to network information security and are very worried about privacy leakage when surfing the Internet, then a VPN tool is a good choice. As mentioned above, a VPN can help you hide your IP address, browsing history, important data, and other personal information. Choose a secure VPN tool and you can browse any web page with peace of mind. Sonics VPN is a great option if you're just getting started with VPNs. It is friendly to newbies and also supports a one-click connection. There are various privacy policy blessings so that its security and credibility are also high. Install it and have a trial of it right now.

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