Why Do You Need a VPN for iPhone & iPad

A lot of people wonder Do I need VPN on my iPhone? As we all know, thanks to the closed ecosystem, users of iOS can obtain higher security and privacy protection than other operating systems. However, in Apple products still exist security vulnerabilities, and it canbe said that no system can completely avoid threats from the network.

Use Sonics VPN to encrypt the connection between your iOS device and any network, adding an extra layer of security to your daily web surfing on iPhone and iPad.

why do I need VPN on my iPhone

Stay Safe on Public Wifi

The public Wifi hotspots in bookstores, cafe, hotels and other places indeed provide convenience for those people who need to connect to the Internet out of their home, but there are hidden risks in the connected public networks, hackers may be staying on the same Wifi network as you. In this case, every message you send through Wifi, including emails, credit card information, etc., can be intercepted by hackers. To make matters worse, hackers may use unprotected Wifi to spread malicious software on your computer and mobile devices, causing more serious private data leakage. Get Sonics VPN on your iPhone to encrypt all traffic and data over the public Wifi, and enjoy secure & fast online web surfing over the Wifi hotspots anytime and anywhere.

how to stop internet service provider from tracking your iPhone

Stop ISP From Spying

Do you think no one could know what you do on the Internet as long as you turn on the automatic clearing of browsing history? No, actually, your ISP (internet service provider) can still know exactly what websites you browse everyday on the Internet, what videos you watch, and what files you download. Sonics VPN also works as a IP changer to modify your IP address, so that you can really hide your network identity, and protect yourself from spying eyes of ISP.

Surf the web without ads on iPhone with Sonics VPN

Block Ads

Have you suffered from kinds of annoying pop-up ads flooding the web pages? This is because websites and apps may collect your personal data, such as your name / gender / age / contacts / addresses / device types and etc. for displaying corresponding advertisements to you. Browsing the web with Sonics VPN can effectively reduce and block the display of pop-up ads. In addition, filtering ads also brings faster web page loading, allowing you to enjoy a clean and smooth internet surfing experience.

How to Setup VPN on iPhone

There are two ways to setup VPN on your iPhone

Install Sonics VPN app on iPhone

No complicated configuration process, no logins needed. Connect Sonics VPN in 3 steps!

1. Download and install Sonics VPN for iOS from App Store

2. Open Sonics VPN app on your iPhone & iPad

3. Choose a server location and connect to it

That's all!

Download Sonics VPN app for iOS from App Store for a trial now!

Manually configure a VPN on iPhone

First of all, you need a VPN service provider to provide theconfiguration settings information. Then, just follow thesteps below to configure the VPN on your iPhone:

  • 1. Launch your iPhone’s Settings and select General
  • 2. Tap VPN
  • 3. Tap Add VPN Configuration
  • 4. Select the type of your network by tapping Type
  • 5. Choose the network type — IKEv2, IPSec, or L2TP
  • 6. Fill in your VPN’s information: Description, Server, RemoteID, Local ID
  • 7. In the Authentication section, enter a Username andPassword
  • 8. Tap Done and go back to the previous interface
  • 9. Choose the VPN you just configured, and enable the VPNconnection status.

Congrats~ You've successfully set up a VPN on iPhone

How to Use VPN on iPhone

pubg vpn, genshin vpn, roblox vpn
Sonics VPN for iOS is specifically designed & optimized for games on iPhone. With 5000+ high-speed servers in 40+ locations around the world, you can choose to connect servers in different regions to play popular mobile games which are not available in your countries like PUBG mobile, Roblox, Bleach, Mobile Legends, Genshin, Clash Royale, Call of Duty Mobile, or connect servers in other regions to play games with local players. Just download Sonics VPN and turn on it when playing games to greatly lower ping times and reduce latency!

Top Features of Sonics VPN for iOS

vpn for iPhone

Unlimited Bandwidth

Upgrade to Premium and enjoy best VPN with unlimited bandwidth for streaming, gaming, downloading.
vpn ip address changer on iPhone

IP Cloaking

Mask IP address and hide your real digital identity from spying eyes.
fast VPN download on iPhone

Ultra Fast Connection

Advanced VPN connection protocols ensure ultra fast network connections.
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Encrypted Traffic

Military-grade encryption to strongly secure the connection between your iOS devices and any networks.
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Unlimited Devices

You can use our VPN on unlimited devices with one subscription account.
Sonics VPN - no log vpn

No Logs

Our no-Log policy promises, we will never track, monitor, record, store or sell any of your usage data.
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Global Servers

Enjoy unlimited global content, connecting to 5000+ VPN servers in 40+ locations all around the world.
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Leak Protection

Safeguard your personal data and online privacy on your iPhone from leaking.
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, we will refund your payment within 30 days. Please feel free to try our products.

FAQ About Sonics VPN for iOS

VPN Guides & Tricks For iOS

Find more tips about how to protect online privacy on your iPhone.
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